Thursday, 8 August 2013

What gives? the basic idea of what I'm getting at...

Help me, Help you.

After 20 years- and literally thousands of pieces made and sold from the pavement to the top end of town, my new aim is to become the most widely collected yet truly non-commercial artist in Australia. Through the creation of a network supporters from all walks of life I hope to not only donate the majority of my life’s work to rural and regional galleries around Australia, but to create a method by which other unrepresented artists can do the same- at little to no cost for either giver or receiver.

There is a lot of art stacked away out there in the world, and also a lot of walls…can’t a simple way be found to solve this quandary?

This first project will be called: ‘Espont├íneo’ -a Spanish term for a crowd member who spontaneously leaps into the ring of a bullfight, usually using there own coat or jacket as a cape to goad the bull (also now used in reference to a ‘streaker’ in sporting culture). A term- I thought, which sums up nicely the idea of going against the well-established art-industry mechanisms and commercial model of ‘value’…and just getting punk about your own contribution to history.

The whole process will be completely open and documented; with funding raised via crowd sourcing and as much barter, direct support and community-involvement as possible.
A series of smaller pop-up shows will help to promote the idea and gain interest, as well as display what will soon be donated nation-wide. Then, these hundreds of works will be made into an online virtual gallery (and maybe a book if a publisher is found/interested) and the actual artworks sent to these galleries free on charge, and hopefully proudly displayed.

You can get involved simply by re-posting and participating online through social-networking, blogs and tweets (Yes I'm now on Twitter!)- and if you happen to be connected to a small gallery or rural arts group, please contact me and become part of this big idea.

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